Dagen Bobby Kennedy startade Reagans politiska karriär

Idag skulle Ronald Reagan fyllt 102 om han hade levat. Reagan var programledare för tv-programmet ”General Electric Theater” från 1954 till 1962. Hans adoptivson Michael skrev i samband med hundraårsfirandet för två år sedan om dagen som GE sparkade hans far.

If liberals had supported Ronald Reagan the actor, they wouldn’t have had to deal with Ronald Reagan the politician.


I want to recommend to you a General Electric website. It’s called ”Rendezvous with Destiny” and it’s loaded with fascinating video, photos and stories about Ronald Reagan’s GE days. Take a look — but don’t be taken in by GE’s attempt to cash in on my father’s legacy. GE can’t earn goodwill with a nostalgic website. It must earn goodwill by doing what’s right.

General Electric wants us to feel warm and fuzzy every time we screw in a GE made-in-China twisty light. But I haven’t felt warm and fuzzy toward GE since that day in 1962 when Dad came home and told us he had just been fired by GE and his show, ”General Electric Theater,” was canceled.

Dad explained that CBS hadn’t canceled the highly rated show. Instead, GE had pulled the plug. As the company was negotiating some government contracts, Bobby Kennedy, the attorney general of the United States, bluntly informed GE that if the company wished to do business with the U.S. government, it would get rid of ”General Electric Theater” and fire the host.

Dad had criticized the Kennedy administration in some of his speeches, and the administration fought back through the president’s brother. Within 48 hours of Bobby Kennedy’s call, Ronald Reagan was out of a job.

So, in a backhanded way, Bobby Kennedy launched Ronald Reagan’s political career. It was a classic case of liberals outsmarting themselves. If Bobby Kennedy had let Ronald Reagan continue hosting his successful TV show, would my father have run for governor? Doubtful. And if he had not been elected governor, he certainly would not have run for president of the United States.

Sometimes the Law of Unintended Consequences is a good thing!

Ronald Reagan vänder sig mot kameran sittande på en regissörsstol med hans namn

Ni trodde att ni blev av med mig!

1966 ställde han upp i guvernörsvalet i Kalifornien och vann, han satt kvar som guvernör till 1974. 1976 förlorade han primärvalet knappt mot Gerald Ford, 1980 ställde han upp som presidentkandidat igen och vann valet mot Carter. Resten vet ni ju.

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