Rätt väg för Europa

Hittade en intressant länk hos Kurt Lundgren. Nättidskriften The Brussels Journal visar hur Sverige och Europa tappar i ekonomisk utveckling jämfört med resten av Världen. Det positiva europeiska undantaget är Irland, som uppmuntrar sparande och produktion och har avsevärt lägre skatter än de ”gamla” ekonomierna. Artikeln avslutas på följande vis:

[Europe’s] tax structure is not adapted to the challenges of globalization. Taxes on production are the opposite of import taxes. They double Europe’s production costs and, in doing so, halve its productivity. Like protectionism they lead to distortions in world trade, but they do so in the opposite direction. Ever more rapidly, continental Western Europe is losing its semi labour-intensive sectors to countries where productivity is even lower than in Western Europe. This move from high productivity to low productivity countries is a waste. It is not only a catastrophe for Western Europe’s employment. It is also bad for the world at large because the highly productive production apparatus and infrastructure of Western Europe is not used to its full capacity. This leads to less than optimal global labour division and wealth creation.

Politicians must realize that economic growth is not brought about by fiscally punishing productive citizens, nor by collective impoverishment and social welfare cuts, but by cutting taxes and bureaucracy. Ireland has shown that it can be done and how to do it.


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